First Presbyterian Church Mishawaka

  Presbyterian Women Purpose
Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study, to support the mission of the church worldwide, to work for justice and peace, and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.

2023-2024 CALENDAR of EVENTS

2 circles meet monthly (Sept.–May)
Twice a year (Sept & March) we meet jointly (see calendar)
Elizabeth - 3rd Monday @ 7:00 p.m.  
                 Circle Chair: Mary Ann Dentino
Ruth - 3rd Thursday @ 7:00 p.m.
                Circle Chair: Teresa Primmer

2023-2024 Horizons Bible Study -More info here

Sacred Encounters The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts

by Olive Mahabir




misssion Works

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”   Ecclesiastes 9:10

Prayer Shaws-the shawl maker begins with prayers and blessings for the recipient. The intentions are continued throughout the creation of the shawl. Upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its way. Both the giver and receiver feeling the unconditional embrace of a sheltering, mothering God!

Together in Service -layettes/knitted caps for St. Joseph Hospital.
Hats, gloves, bibs ect - through the Knitting 4 Peace Org. for more information, click here
Malawi Matters - Reusuable sanitary pads for young girls in Malawi.  

Prayer Chain -via email contact either Lynett or Darlene


Annual Community Donations.  Starting in 2020, we have used monies made from our prior year sales to donate to organizatons locally and nationally. This is above and beyond our normal donations. We appreciate all who shop our sales, allowing us to do this.


PW Mission Pledge a/k/a Celebration Giving The PW mission pledge is an annual pledge to Presbyterian that is in addition to the tithes and other support to the church. Contributions to the Mission Pledge fund the work of PW at all levels and the mission of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  Without the mission pledge, the church’s ministry in the world would noticeably shrink. Our Basement and Bake Sales help suppoort our mission offering.

Our pledge is: $3,210.00 per year –Our pledge has varied over the years, but the total we have pledged for the last 20 years has exceeded $72,000.00
Thank Offering  October
during Dedication Sunday
The PW Thank Offering originated in the late 1800s with Eliza Clokey of Springfield, Ohio. Her plan was to ask each woman to give a gift in addition to her usual contribution to the Women’s General Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian Church of North America as a “thank offering to our Lord.” In 1888, the women designated a day for prayer and thanksgiving when this special offering should be received. These sacrificial gifts, it is said, saved the worldwide missionary movement of their denomination. Though the thrust of how and where the money was used changed over the years, the “thank offering to her Lord” continued to be an important part of United Presbyterian Women’s giving

The Thank Offering gives women a tangible way to express their gratitude for the special blessings in their lives. The offering funds projects such as agricultural development, child care, community organization, criminal justice, drug counseling, economic justice, elderly care, employment training, homelessness, literacy, violence and women’s concerns. At least 40 percent of this offering supports health ministries throughout the world. The remaining 60 % funds new creative ideas for mission.  
Our offering will be collected on in October during our MIssion Dedication Sunday.  Our total for over 20 years has been $6,710.00
Birthday Offering In 1922, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Woman’s Auxiliary (PCUS), it was decided that an offering should be made for a definite cause. That same year, Hallie Paxson Winsborough, superintendent of women’s work, visited Miss Dowd’s School for Girls in Kochi, Japan. Realizing the school’s needs, she challenged members of the Women’s Auxiliary to give one penny for each year of their life as a birthday gift to the school. Over the years, that tradition has become known as the Birthday Offering. Presbyterian Women have given more than $29 million in support of mission projects throughout the world.  Our collection will be during the Gifts of Women Sunday

The Birthday Offering is a PW offering collected to celebrate the blessings in the lives of Presbyterian Women. The offering funds up to five projects that are not included in ongoing General Assembly mission support, such as agricultural development, child care, community organization, criminal justice, drug counseling, economic justice, elderly care, employment training, homelessness, literacy, violence and women’s concerns. We have collected over $6,500

The Birthday Offering and the Thank Offering make it possible for new and existing ministry projects around the world to expand their work in new and creative ways.
Honorary Membership Each Spring we award one or two Honorary Memberships to members who live their faith and contribute faithfully to the work of First Presbyterian Church, Mishawaka.  Each membership costs $95.00, and these funds raised provide grants for leadership development, attendance at seminars and conferences, and scholarships to the Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women
Fellowship of the Least Coin Fellowship of the Least Coin links prayer and "least coins" in a very significant way, as the least coin becomes the symbol of prayer for peace and reconciliation. Fellowship of the Least Coin, an ecumenical prayer movement, was begun in 1956 by Shanti Solomon of India who believed that women anywhere could have a sense of being part of a worldwide family of faith as they prayed for peace and reconciliation and set aside the least coin of their country as a symbol of that prayer. As coins are gathered from around the world, they become a sign of our oneness in the common quest for peace, justice and reconciliation. Grants are made by an international committee for special projects of evangelism, service, ecumenical solidarity, awareness-building among women and relief throughout the world. Presbyterian women are encouraged to participate in the Fellowship of the Least Coin. It matters — prayer and least coins are making a difference all over the world. Prayers and least coins allow us to envision a brighter future for many. Where PW history is concerned, we can tell where we are going by where we have been. The same applies to The Fellowships of the Least Coin: we have had a solid 50 years of prayer and positive action that have made a difference for all involved. May the next 50 years be the same.
Hunger Fund Everytime we gather we donate to the Hunger fund. Our donation goes to Geneva Center to the Water To date we have collected $6903.00



Jubilee 2000 Cookbook  (Revised)
Includes over 350 of our favorite recipes
including a new section Ethnic and Second Helping 
    Only $10.00
Contact the office for more details 574-259-7874 or e-mail Carole


Parital History From PW website on PCUSA PCUSA PW

Presbyterian Women has a mission, a voice and a place in the church. Our predecessor organizations began more than 200 years ago when women had no role outside the home. In the early 1800s the first Presbyterian women's organization defied societal and church conventions. These courageous, dedicated women faced the biases of men and others who felt women should remain at home. In spite of the numerous restrictions, the women's organization gained respect, especially that of missionaries in the field who requested women's donations and prayers.
In the mid-1800s- The work of Presbyterian women varied with the cultural backgrounds of North and South. Despite regional differences, Presbyterian women have always been in the forefront of national movements. Presbyterian women have long advocated for women and children, and crusaded for the right to fair, paid work for African Americans, Native Americans, people of Appalachia and immigrants. They went into the field to actively do something about a host of other societal problems
Two centuries after the first Presbyterian Women gathered to pray and donate their money to the church, women have voice in the church and in the world. A legacy of devotion to the church and dedication to God are a strong foundation for continuing mission and taking Christ into every area of life in the third century. Presbyterian Women exists today because women are adaptable, determined, proactive, charitable, generous and dedicated to God.